Sunday, November 13, 2011

Remote Japanese Island

Ishigaki is a pretty little beach town with gravel and walls made of washed up coral. Back in, well some year, they started driving on the other side of the road, as illustrated by this monument.After that, it seems, things got a little quiet.Pretty from up high... But if you look a little closer, there are lot of big areas of creepy big crypts!Scary, no?Then we noticed that some of the houses were bit empty, and missing windows.Do you think the goat mural goes nicely with the curtains?We also found signs of Canada.Which, upon closer inspection, turned out to be Engrish!If Ishigaki gets too hectic, you can go to Taketomi island, population 361. You get the beach to yourself.
However, even here slightly creepy creatures linger. We learnt that some sea slugs are squishy and others hard.And also what restrooms do at night.