Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ishigakijima Beef and Awamori

Looking for something to drink with loinclothed Grandpa and the kids at the beach? Well this poster at the Awamori museum, seems to suggest that the at least 60 proof stuff is the answer.The museum did not teach us much else, since we have not learnt to read Japanese yet. But apparently old rusty machines have been replaced by big shiny new vats.Barry and I enjoyed the tasting part, although we wore more clothes.
We were also confused by the references made by this cold coffee, as always.
I learnt much more quickly than Barry to order "Olion biru", shown above. We did not figure out why so many things referenced constellations and astrology, mind you.Barry got his points for learning to order Ishigaki Beef, albeit by accident and raw the first time.I'm going to repeat this a few times for emphasis. Cook for a few seconds on each side, look how delicious.