Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hokkaido Confusion

One of the reasons Japan's so great is that we don't understand much. How is this bear in tighties linked to the store selling chocolate-coated potato chips? Why is this man a fish?
Barry, however, understood the table reservation signs.
Luckily, guidance is provided, such as this Shopping Helpo booth. Here, hints for dealing with winter. Luckily, we survived even without our corduroy pants! Note that Americans are in trouble given the temperature conversion shown here!
These instructions on a sand dispenser - save yourself and others!More confusion - what do these fashion stores sell? Then sometimes you wonder if Japan finds other places a tad unusual too.
Places like Heiduruburugu, perhaps.
But some places, they truly understand, like Idaho!
Just remember, when in doubt, life is vegetables.