Monday, November 22, 2010


A strange thing has happened involving oddly red hair...on Barry's face! It is for Movember, a charity supporting prostate cancer and male depression through the growing of a mustache. (I guess Augustache was already taken). Anyway, you can support his Movember here. Above, Barry's Mo is shown eating manly sausage rolls. Below, ways we've found to camouflage it in pictures:
Below are the top five comments on Barry's Mustache so far (not all of which are mine):
1) Barry, how many colours of hair does your face grow at once? You're a roan cow!
2) Oh man, I flinched because I thought you might kiss me and I was scared of the pain.
3) No, I don't want to grow one, because look how bad Barry looks!
4) You keep adjusting it, but it's still crooked.
5) It's so itchy, I'm not sure I can last another 10 days.
Feel free to donate, more pics here.