Saturday, May 22, 2010

What Sydney Has

Sydney has a few things that Singapore doesn't, such as oceanfront cliffs, cemeteries in prime real-estate, and rebellious cliff families.Also strongly lacking in Singapore are Jewish gay rights protests.
I discovered that Sydney is where bottle scrub brushes grow natively.And vegemite comes free in little packages, which,
if you accidentally roll on top of, look like this on your shirt and bed. (Sorry hotel housekeeping, at least I don't have the bowel problem you thought it was.)And I nearly forgot Hungry Jack's, which is strangely what Burger King's called in Australia. Seriously, the King's a Jack, you heard it hear first.Best of all, Australia has good, cheap wine, a case of which I exported (legally, paid duty, still cheaper and better). Shown here mid-packing process.Like Singapore, Australia has some rules. Though I'm not sure whether Singapore restricts spear fishing.Evidently, the verb "to poo", is not used down under.