Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Life in the Wild

The above represents not only the wildlife of Singapore (ID card shown for scale), but also the pace at which my job search seems to progress. My days are filled with cover letters, webs searches, ironing, networking and confusion. Here are some of the important questions I face:

1) Will I end up living on the street, or perhaps locally, in the jungle?
2) Can I get excited about, say, importing olive oil from Spain? Elevators? Turbines?
3) Has anyone ever read a cover letter, in the history of human resources? Except maybe to make sure the applicant put in the correct company name?
4) Why are some companies' recruitment processes apparently designed to inflict maximum pain on the applicants? Please paste your CV in this web form, one line at a time. Our seventh round interviews will be a full day event. Sadists.
5) Is "Boatloads" a good answer for "Please provide your expected remuneration package."?