Friday, September 29, 2017

In the Airport with Zombies Cat

I had some time to kill in the Shanghai airport, which is apparently not without hazards.
Indeed, in China the cabbies are encased in plexiglass to avoid assault.
But that's ok, because you can eat delicious duck snacks: necks, feet, tongues and more, dried and bagged to snack on the plane.
You can go to the Acting restaurant and eat this along with some wife cake.
But afterwards, you have to find a working tap. This "facility does not work because of its malfunction".
My favourite airport find was Zombies Cat.
"The zombies cat is a friend of human with positive energy. It can beat all the negative things in the daily and it can protect you from nightmares. We promise that zombies cat is the most loyal friend of you."
Oh, and rare find. In China, a shirt that says "Environmental Protecting"! I think it's meant to be hipster-ironic.