Saturday, June 3, 2017


Update: cigarette lighters are now fun car toys, and smoking is fun and healthy too! Also, we sat next to a contortionist on the plane.
It's apostrophe snack time! If you eat too much Cosy, you get Roll's (sic). But don't worry about Ahh' triple cheese: no real cheese is involved.
Wipe that milkiss off before you eat any Marine Boy or Lucky Stick.
We went to the is me ! covering to check out the clothes.
These shoes overdid it on the branding.
I bought this shirt, because it expresses my true feelings.
I think this shirt may be engrish pictorial rap: "Bail fresh out of California dreaming, as I step on the I'm hearing hoochies screamin".
This one is less confusing. The oh yes crystal ball goes well with the Emotaiwan bassabi.
Finally, spotted on an elderly woman on the bus: the bag makes her feel good!!