Sunday, December 11, 2016

Jakarta Holiday Wishes

Happy ice world from Jakarta!
Here, Christmas decorations are inclusive of bi-polar animals (seals, penguins, and polar bears), and various religions.
Nearby, there's a 6 story "tree" made of Star Wars spacey things.
Only the melty snow-donut dudes seem worried.
I was more worried about what pesticide and anti-mold solutions were required to maintain this gingerbread house in the hotel. Note the holiday mushrooms again!
Let's hope that Adi and Steph's marriages fares better than the festive Styrofoam and floral wedding signs outside our hotel after the storm.
Barry and I went to a traditional colonial restaurant.
We thought their representation of colonial times was more appropriate and less glamourous than elsewhere, with this picture of "Dutch Treason".
We had great food in Jakarta, but we missed the poorly-named Poutine imitation.
We had amazing sate. We may have gone back for more.