Sunday, June 12, 2016

Roti John Throwdown Iftar and Other Religions

What do a Roti John Throwdown, hanging squids...
And some unusually named hotdogs have in common?
They're all here for Ramadan, as part of the ramadan market (and much mosque chanting).
To celebrate this momentous occasion, as well as their honeymoon, Pat and Brett came to visit us.
We toured various spots of religion. Covered Buddha sculpture above (why, we don't know), and uncomfortable Hindu deity head crowding below.
Pat demonstrated her stellar selfie skills. We fit all three mouths in the picture.
The Hindu temple is slightly less welcoming than it used to be. The gingerbread man border is confusing, too.
Barry and I recently discovered that the slots/gates on old shophouses were not for milk delivery, or the like, but for human waste removal. Shocking that it's taken us so long to learn this! We demonstrated this to our visitors. Barry extra hard.
The drawers were emptied by "night soil" collectors, who put the containers in the stinker truck, like this.