Monday, May 11, 2015

Engrish Therapy

Sometimes we all need some inspiration, and I suggest turning to Engrish therapy. For example, if I had this notebook, I would remember that "Life is Lotto", and "Tomorrow will become much more beautiful". I would also make an effort, and have a nice trip.
Here is a phone cover that makes you wonder whether to aspire for more, or to just give up now. If you can read the brand, though, it's time to visit the eye doctor.
When your day gets you down, just remember that animals and human races coexist in the peace life, that's happy for everyone! Or, you could get in the zone with this Franglais (native to my part of the world) day dream, but be careful daydreaming by the window.
Sometimes, the advice gets a bit more specific. I believe this one is about relationship boundaries.
Here, we learn that the solution to happiness is feeling happiness. I've saved you a few $100/hour therapy sessions with this one.
The below message reminds me to be nice to Barry even when he's dancing around the kitchen.
Similarly, I think this one is about forgiveness. Because matching pink and purple is wrong.
Eastern, Western, NBA, cops, we're all on the same team, so we need to get along.
Even the new "Body kid" police kid. More messages about accepting others.
And if you're still struggling, perhaps from an excessive need for tidy, then there is always Zappy Boy ready to help.