Sunday, May 12, 2013

Engrish Matching

Sometimes it can be hard to match your Engrish shirts to the occasion. Here, I show you how. The above shirt is about joy and peace. So it's appropriate to wear during your picnic in the sakura cherry blossoms.
Some Engrish has very specific uses. This gender bender works well for a costume party.
Feeling like you don't fit in?
That is the sentiment expressed in this shirt. Half-bunny head can help you get over it.
Got a headache?
Probably time for a Coffee Addict shirt!
Feeling abandoned?
Let your Engrish encourage you!
Experimenting with fashion?
Have your shirt express this.
The shirt below is obviously very sporty.
Appropriate perhaps for a Japanese baseball game.
Here you can also fit in by having a balloon and releasing it at the right time.