Sunday, March 17, 2013

Tonic, Polish and Fish

If your shophouse is feeling crowded, it's time to go to the Japanese grocery story to solve all of your problem.
You will make savvy shopping decisions if you keep the regions of tuna in mind. And if you follow the croquette's instructions on how to eat his fellow croquettes, you'll overcome your croquette cannibalism inhibitions.
But, horrors, we couldn't polish our rice!
Luckily the fish heads were still shiny.
And the Hello Kitty fish cakes were plentiful.
Street Tonic helps clean off the grime with a "cool approach".
And Bouncia works on elasticity.
Finally, dessert with your favorite tea time partner, soft and sweet delight.
In final news, the lion dances for Chinese New Year have ended. This one was for our neighbours. I'm not sure if being next door also brings us luck, or if these menacing looks prevent it.