Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Views and Engrish Animals

The view of the week is from Marina Bay Sands by night.
The cuisine of the week is Indonesian, eaten with our friend Willy from Ottawa.
There is a competition for yellow animal of the week. Choice 1 is the rare golden koala.
Choice 2 is the butter lion. The lion seems to have a better sense of humour, but the koala is a better poser for cookie images.
The fruit of the week is the sock-flavoured papaya.
Butter lion and I imagine that we're super, and that the papayas are delicious.
The vegetable of the week can also shine up your car.
The Black Sesame powder claims to have no wax. They concern what we care. They even care what we haven't aware, which I think is really taken the sesame to the next level.
Finally, the sauce of the week provides a lot of purpose, and I imagine it's maybe even better than ok.
So remember, A-Nung.