Thursday, August 25, 2011

Emperor Times in Beijing

Above is the temple of Heaven, in the Park of People playing Majong, Singing, and Getting Fit.I would like a similar paint-job for my next home.When the Emperor got tired of his Forbidden city, above, with its naughty title, (and fake-blue sky that I touched-up to cover the smog),he retreated to the Summer Palace. We did not find it less crowded or cooler, just less convenient. But we were big fans of its air conditioners and their message. I did not throw waste, but I did sit by, sucking on the cool air, despite the apparent disapproval.
The Emperor was also a fan of animal carvings representing real and emperor-imagined species.
Modern Beijing locations, such as Tiananmen square shown below, were a bit less flamboyant.
After all the walking in the heat, might we suggest a candied plum, assuming you have a gut of steel.