Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lessons in Engrish and Flench

Engrish Anatomy.
Engrish Motivational statements.
Lessons in Flench. The present tense versus the gift.
Here we have a Trumph of engineering at Trumph Tower.
Barry says this is what happens in Flench if you eat too much fish.
Engrish economics lesson for tourists.
Philosophy: The fine print says: "There are some which are not spread here".
Study too hard and you might get something stuck in your platanus!
Made in Chinese Cabbage cuisine.The above is traditional Engrish. Flamboyant use of adverbs, unusual animal combinations, extreme girliness.This is standard Engrish advertising, although who knows what for.We at Engrish school wish to see you soon, although not so welcoming for a store.