Saturday, May 7, 2011

Burmeese Zen

We went back to the Shwedagon, to see what we could find. We found a photogenic girl.We found children going through a ceremony. They're being carried to avoid burning their feet on the ground.Barry, this boy, and I all made this same facial expression in the heat.The Buddhist nun sought alternate shelter.This is the Singu Min Bell. The occupying British managed to drop it in the river while stealing it, which is why it's back, with damage shown.This is a pear-shaped deity with strong eyebrows and ears.I'm seen here appreciating robo-Buddha.Anyway, here's the Shwedagon again, just because it's awesome.Likewise, our hotel had many advantages, including a lovely pool, a gourmet restaurant, consistent electricity, and a drink called the Mandalay sour. All this zen rebuilt since cyclone Nargis.Barry is shown here enjoying zen with his new Burmese longyi. Yup, it's a man-skirt.We even chilled out enough to see the dew.