Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hotel Hobbies

Ever find yourself bored in an esthetically luxurious hotel as shown above? Well, inspired by the book "Hotel Hobbies", I tried to entertain myself. Hobby #1: soap carving.Harder than I thought, but I made a nice flower, no?I decided to make up my own hobbies. How about hotel gastronomy. Reheating pizza: Kettle and steaming cup method does not work well. Hairdryer method: Works better, however bathroom covered in herbs.
Iron method: Not sure how, too scary, orientation challenges.Hotel hobby #3: Towel Origami. Total failure, the book lied. This was supposed to be a chicken.More successful: hotel spa pedicure. (Suggest wine is not minibar variety).
Relaxing foot scrub sadly only increases boredom.Overall verdict: hotel hobbies pass the time, but you may end up just as bored as you started.