Saturday, June 19, 2010

Weekend Walk Wonders

This weekend, Barry learned about communism.The reason for this is that once we got tired of wondering about the giant balloon across the street from us, we went on a walk in our neighbourhood.The weather was so bright, even golden Buddha had to wear shades.
Street fires burned out of control. And cemented-over former garbage chutes provided intrigue.
The Teochew Drama association didn't seem to have any shows on today.
But as usual, we were more interested in the street kitties.
Also entertaining were alley plants decorated with crab shells. Intriguing.
If you're looking for room 401, it's around back. Similarly, this door reveals the secret codes.
This man was stirring vast vats of curry with what looked like a rake.
In the end, we had troubles finding our way. Where did the stairs lead to? Shouldn't they connect to this door?