Sunday, November 1, 2009

Countries Selling Themselves

How does your country advertize itself? Let us spend some time pondering country tourism advertizing, shall we? Japan has launched a "Visit Japan 2010" campaign, plastered on the sides of Singapore buses. Short term goals work for me.Korea is advertized regularly on our television, with the fairly abstract slogan of "Korea Sparkling". What could it mean? And, um, I don't mean to be rude, but, isn't sparkling hard for many Koreans to say?Singapore has also chosen a relatively meaningless slogan. As has Malaysia: I was looking for Asia, now I've found it!Taiwan, also heavily advertized in Singapore, has tried a different approach: being cheap.Thailand agrees with this approach, then builds on it.
Myanmar is Mystical (I guess), Vietnam is the hidden charm (I found said charm immediately), and Indonesia, well, doesn't pay their slogan team as much.
Cambodia doesn't yet have a slogan team.
And yes, don't think you're above this, your country sells itself too.