Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Mystery of Japanese food

Japanese food remains a mystery to much of the world due to the mainstream deliciousness of sushi. Basically, these raw fishes have bullied away the rest of the Japanese delights. However, the other Japanese food is also tasty, and often ridiculously pretty. Be mindful, though, that what looks like dessert is sometimes pickled fish, and that the tastiest foods are often not the prettiest ones. The market in Kyoto, below, sells fish bits and seemingly large proportion of the world's pickles. I recommend you do not, however, try to bring these fermenting monsters home in your suitcase as I did, because explosives are not recommended for air travel.It also sells the less yummy felt sushi replicas, whose purpose eludes tourists like me.Oh, and the sushi and sashimi was amazing too, shown here from Nobu restaurant Hiroshima. Ya, we were there, just like Britney and Lindsay.Finally, once you're done with all that eating, you can use one of Japan's special toilets with controls, heated seats, and music or flushing sounds to hide those oh-so-embarrassing noises. With basic pictogram literacy, you can figure out how to clean your lady or man bits, which, I suppose, is not for everyone.