Sunday, December 21, 2008

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Singapore

Tired of the cold? Planning your vacations for 2009? This is a good time to consider visiting Singapore, and here are the top ten reasons why:
10. Fabulous guest quarters, including a balcony off of the bathroom for drip-drying, and luxurious spa treatments.
9. Exploring different religions, all within walking distance of our home.
8. Fabulous views day and night from our 18th story apartment. 7. Exotic local wildlife. 6. Relaxing by our pool by night.
5. Traveling to exotic, yet conveniently nearby locations.
4. Relaxing by our pool by day in the sunshine, under the palm trees. (Including the kids' pool)
3. Fabulous food of all flavours at low prices.
Including the occasional homemade truffle .
2. Eating lovely meals outdoors on a patio.
1. Spend quality time with friends on the other side of the world!