Monday, November 10, 2008

Tiger Brewery Tour

To appease our incessant intellectual curiosity, we toured Singapore's Asia Pacific Brewery. Sadly, since our guide's microphone only amplified vowels, we only learned the following:
1) Tiger Breweries, owned by Heineken, produces Tiger, Heineken, Anchor and Barron's and ABC Stout, and Kilkenny and Guiness via licensing.
2) ABC Extra Stout, the leading stout in Cambodia, is not to our liking.
3) Beer is made through a series of tubes and vats, which do important things, some of which involve caustic soda. Or, some vats are labeled "caustic soda" so that brewery visitors don't try to imbibe from them.
4) Beer bottles which are underweight are pushed off the conveyor belt, kicked around told to beef up.
5) During WWII, not only was Singapore occupied by Japan, but also only watered down small beer bottles were available.
6) You can sort of almost tell the difference between draft Heineken and Tiger with your eyes closed.