Friday, February 15, 2008

The Logic Behind the Madness

Last weekend, I got a new roommate, or as some would say, I shacked up. Obviously, this is insane, because my boyfriend has left his friends, family and home, sold his posessions and moved across the world after approximately seven dates.

Why, why did Barry do this? Here is the logic. Our eighth date would have happened during Barry's planned vacation here at the end of February. After this, we would have seen each other in the summer. And, despite missing my fantastic friends, I truly do not think I'll be ready to go home to work after my MBA. So, what to do? Wait and see? Give up? Try the 16,000km long distance thing?

Barry is an asiaphile, he speaks some mandarin. He enjoys low tax rates and year-round triathlon training. Ultimately, Barry decided that if he could come here without giving up too much (well, other than his car, home, friends, etc.) that perhaps this was possible without him growing to resent me, and ultimately leave me for a sarong party girl. I am very happy that he is here to enjoy Singapore with me!