Monday, January 14, 2008

Laura & Barry: Your Questions Answered

Since there is some confusion, here are answers to your questions:

Q: This man has Asian features, is he a local?
A: Nope, I ordered Barry from the Internet. I'm like a Monet, people prefer me from a distance.

Q: When did this happen? Barry is in Singapore?
A: No, Barry came here in November. I had no idea that people thought the blog was up-to-the minute!

Q: Barry, you dawg.
A: Duly noted.

Q: Are you going to take up triathlons, Laura?
A: Are you crazy? I'm not a masochist!

Q: So Barry spent $2000 to fly there for your first date?
A: Did you think I was a cheap date?

Q: Do other visitors get similar treatment?
A: I can't believe I keep getting this question! While I want to encourage you to visit, please get a grip.