Monday, October 8, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

This Saturday, twelve Canadians in Singapore got together for thanksgiving. Here are the challenges that were skillfully overcome:
Cranberries. These are North American and are generally only available as craisins. Cans were found in a crevasse at the bottom shelf of grocery store.
Turkey. This is not available unless the butcher happens to overhear you talking in Canadian French, in which case you can special order.
Pumpkin. Available here is some kind of Australian squash-like vegetable, as well as Monsieur le Canuck:Pumpkin pie. Special supply for Canadian expats shows up in local grocery store. I bought 1/2 of these. Oven. Very rare: only 1 Canadian apartment of 10 had one. I baked pies at a friend's friend's house. Luckily she welcomes strangers in to use her oven.
Culture. French Canadians, who are the majority here, don't tend to celebrate thanksgiving, but led this event in the name of patriotism.
We had a fabulous time, spoke Franglais, and according to tradition, ate way too much: