Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Laura in Singapore

Through the scaffolding and construction, here is the best view from my apartment.
My first week here was about getting joy out of solving simple challenges. How will I find food today? How do I get this water to be hot? Why have I just poured water into the wrong crevasse of the rice maker and drenched myself? Why am I lost again?

Life is humid. When it's 100% humidity and 33 outside, and it starts to rain on you, are you getting wetter? Soap is "lightly medicated" (ah! against what?) and clothing detergent is antibacterial. I begin to understand, as the blister on my foot doesn't heal. My dryer, not properly vented, serves no purpose.

Life is verdant.. Flowers accost. Orchids, Birds of Paradise. Lizards scurry. Vermin threatens. Fumigation is on Tuesdays. This album is of flowers taken only in and around my condo complex. I know, flowers are boring for some of you, so wait for the next post.
Groceries of Wonder and Mystery. I went to four grocery stores in my first three days here, sometimes just to look. While all of the interest of any foreign grocery store holds, it's all clearly explained in English! Malaysian, Chinese, Indian, Thai. I ate some mythical mild Indian sandwich that in a few minutes cured my cold. But I worried about whether it was polite in Singapore to blow one's nose in public (memories of "What, you ate in the street!").